FACTS: More than half of the UK's small businesses collapse because of cashflow problems.

"After receiving a cheque that
bounced we could not get our
money, however hard we tried.
After employing Commercial
Credit Control, even though
it was the last week before
Christmas, within 72 hours the
customer had called and given
full payment."

Credit Control Services

Maintaining a positive cashflow is the key to survival for any company, and credit control is not only vital, but if done effectively it can improve customer relations by identifying and resolving problems early.

Different companies have different needs so we have a flexible approach and adapt our service to suit each of our customers.

Interim Credit Management

As companies grow it is common that they increasingly need a credit manager but are unwilling to recruit until there is a full-time requirement. Commercial Credit Control can fill this need by providing services on a part-time or ad-hoc basis until recruiting for a full-time position can be justified. If required, we can help with the recruitment process too.

Credit Control Training

We have developed a credit control process that yields rapid, sustainable results and can be adapted to any company. You can expect a return on investment within a few months from the resulting reduction in debtor-days and write-offs. Other benefits include improved management reporting and improved customer relations.

Rapid Debt Reduction

If your debtor-days are getting out of hand and you have a backlog of long-term debts, you often just need someone to get stuck in and deal with the problems. This is the kind of challenge Commercial Credit Control can assist with, and we have a long track record of impressive results.

In-house or Off-site

For many customers the best approach is to work in-house with your accounts and credit control team, where we have direct access to the accounting system. However, for some smaller companies and sole traders this is not practical, in which case we can do the work from our own premises.