FACTS: The most common reasons given by businesses as to why debts are paid late:

  • 23% Waiting for cheques to be signed
  • 22% Invoices get lost
  • 16% Cashflow problems
  • 15% Person dealing with it is unavailable or off sick
  • 6% Cheque is in the post
  • 5% Waiting for the cheque runor for a new cheque book
  • 3% The invoice is being disputed
  • 2% We pay on 60/90 days - not 30 days
  • 2% Missed the payment run

"Our company had overdue
debts of 850k and few
processes in place to
chase these debts and to
resolve accounts in dispute.
Commercial Credit Control
introduced a system for our
team that meant the level of
overdue debt was reduced to
500k in less than 4 months."

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