FACTS: One of the main reasons small businesses go under is because they fail to control cash by carrying too much stock, paying suppliers too promptly and allowing customers too long to pay.

"Commercial Credit Control
worked with us to reduce our
debtor days from 58 days to 52
days in less than three months."

About Us

Commercial Credit Control Ltd was founded in 2007 to provide outsourced credit control, credit management and consultancy services to small and medium size businesses throughout the UK.

With extensive experience in the Business to Business credit control industry, Commercial Credit Control works with a variety of organisations to ensure a consistent cash flow.

Commercial Credit Control has developed a process that guarantees rapid, sustainable results and is experienced working with a wide variety of accounting systems.

What does it cost?

Commercial Credit Control offers a flexible service so that you only pay for credit control services when you need them. We charge either a daily rate or a % of the debt collected and will provide you with a full quote in advance so you know what your costs will be

Outsourcing your credit control improves your cashflow and leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best. It can often save you money compared with doing it yourself or keeping permanent staff.